Washington DC: Young Women's International Leadership Summit

The I live to Lead International organisation  hosted the 8th Young Women's International Leadership Summit in Washington DC held at Georgetown University. Georgetown University is one of the world’s leading academic and research institutions, offering a unique educational experience that prepares the next generation of global citizens to lead and make a difference in the world. She talks about her experience and what she learnt.
 Through a vigorous selection process and thousands of applications, was selected as one of 26 young women from around the world to attend the Summit. Apart from receiving top leadership training from powerful women leaders in the United States,  which was focused on various aspects that pertain to the development and growth of our social or business  enterprises. She got the chance to engage in an interactive open discussion with a panel of business and media leaders such as the president and founder of Women Presidents Organisation Dr Marsha Firestone, Warren Thompson the president and chairman of Thompson Hospitality Cooperation, Anna Sarnoff of BBC Worldwide and Catherine Cook a 23 year old Graduate from Georgetown University to be listed under Forbes as one of the Most successful people under the age of 30.

"Towards the end of the first week I was amongst one of 5 women to represent young women from around the world in a round table discussion that was led by  Hilary Clinton's closest advisers, Ambassador Melanne Verveer, together with the women ambassadors to the United States and senior representatives of organizations involved in the development of young women at the  Senate of the United States of America.

Followed by a Reception honoring women leaders held at the U.S Capitol Building. Where I then had the privilege of meeting with Mrs Lwazi Mbongo the 3rd Secretary of Socio Economic Development from the South African Embassy in Washington DC, Mpule Kwelagobe the CEO of Mpule Institute of Endogenous Development and Executive Producer and Managing Editor of Women in the World, Kyle Gibson, Teshea Brodgins from  the US Department of State to name a few."

"The experience from being exposed to such phenomenal women, resulted in a realization that regardless of the challenges  you might come across  along your towards the journey of achieving your goals, it is important to have a vision ad goals and never to part away from that vision, in other words, to eliminate fear and  never give up.  What I learnt from Mpule Kwelagobe that I want to share with al young peopl,e is that: "As a young person, you are capable of achieving what you set your self to do" she also advised:  You will have people that will be negative about you , however whatever the situation you find yourself, be empowered"

Also learnt that you can get support for very influential people for support if you need it, it all comes with the notion of being an effective leader and believing that you have more potential than you actually think and imagine. The most elevating session for me was the "Leaders Dream" session held at Georgetown University. Where we had to close our eyes and through a guided meditation like process on dreaming what your future looks like, took a few minutes to visualize our future, and dream without any boundaries and limits, then open our eyes and share our dreams. To realize that  dreaming is quite fascinating and as unbelievable as the results of dreams are...they are attainable. Which taught me the power of dreaming without limits and though we dream big, have to act small to create impact and expand from that. My dream consisted of me being in the company of Oprah Winfrey and being asked to share my journey to success, not to mention the trip to the moon in a yellow space craft amongst  any a things, of which I depicted meant "there is a whole universe and undiscovered life out in this world, why stick to the saying The sky is the limit", when really, "The sky is NOT the limit" which are now words I use to motivate myself and others.

Having experienced a great lot from the young women delegates who attended the summit and women leaders who flew from around the USA to meet and share knowledge with us and we build our social or business enterprise was a major success, the last day was the Graduation with certification of recognition from ILivetoLead International and the Georgetown University McDough Business School  

Back in South Africa after representing young women from my country and voicing the challenges we face and concerns that need to be addressed as well as listing possible ways to empower our generation of woman leaders in developing and developed countries. Looking forward to the official launch of The Young Social Entrepreneurs Academy with collaboration with Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, an International organisation based in Washington DC with chapters around the world of which I am the Board chairperson for the South African Branch that aims to empower young women through leadership seminars, conferences and talks ensuring that they are motivated and inspired to lead their social enterprises to the next level in November 2013.  

The summit has opened new doors of opportunities for me and has exposed me to a number of business leaders and representatives of multi-national companies of which I foresee collaboration with in the future and knowing that they are there to support the uprising of young women in business and social development with their projects in their respective countries, has made me feel more empowered to be a catalyst for change and motivate  more young people to fully engage in leadership development initiatives, workshops, conferences and summits aimed at personal and professional development.

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