My Declaration for Peace in Syria

Over 100,000 people have been killed and 8 million driven from their homes, 2 million of them seeking refuge in neighboring countries, since the conflict first erupted in March 2011 between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and initially peaceful opponents seeking to oust him.

With a mission led by Professor Åke Sellström probing allegations of the use of chemical weapons in Syria. People of Syria need help and the voices of other people around the world. Especially women and children. It's been said that 2013 was the year in which the Syrian conflict deteriorated beyond all imagination though on the other hand; its been repeatedly noted that 2013 will be remembered as the year in which the world bid a sad but celebratory farewell to the man who became South Africa’s first post-apartheid and democratically elected president with a message of reconciliation for all.

With the Conference set for January 22 2014. Syrian parties need to be called to end the violence and provide humanitarian access and for States and organizations with influence on the Syrian sides to help them prepare for constructive engagement.

About resolving the humanitarian conflict in Syria. United Nations Secretary General Mr Ban declared. “We must make 2014 the year of protecting people – their security, their fundamental rights, their basic well-being.”
He noted that the coming year will be a key period for difficult transitions in Afghanistan and the Arab world, urged Israeli and Palestinian negotiators to show “the leadership and foresight that will at long last produce a comprehensive peace agreement,” and appealed to Government s and the opposition in Ukraine and Thailand to act with restraint and refrain from violence

New efforts need to be revised by peace and reconciliation institutions to ensure the constructive resolution of the conflict happening in our African countries comes to an end.

Is this the future we want to see in the world?

The future is in our hands, right now we call for peace in Syria!

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Movie Review: Baggage Claim

So, today I set out on a journey to watch "Baggage Claim"... ALONE.
It's just one of those movies I prefer watching by myself, for no particular reason.

The lead actress in this movie was Paula Putton, who plays Montana Moore. Her mother,  has been married over 5 times. (How lucky does a woman really get? I have heard many say "twice as lucky" but over 5 times? Lord have mercy).  Well lucky her, she was able to live up the trend after her second divorce - anyway! She's not the reason why I'm writing this review.

It's her beloved eldest daughter Montana that caught my attention. Her dire need to find the man of her dreams (as many ladies so call it "soul mate") and desperately wanted to be a bride and not a brides maid - for the 9th time! (Her youngest sister was said to be getting married too, adding more salt to the wound.)

So she met a guy, and as much as she knew exactly what she didn't want - Graham (played by Boris Kodjoe) seemed like the guy of her dreams, the very gentleman that sent shivers down her spine and butterflies about her belly and  she sure did  hope she would  spend the rest of her life with him.
As handsome, charming, successful and as gentle as he seemed, he broke her heart. He riddled his way into making her believe that she was the only woman he had at that time, reminiscing on the past and envisioning the future together with her on a romantic cruise ship - which lead to a rather heated, romantic and steamy scene. Don't ask - I don't know the details - my eyes were closed.

Later on, following the advice from her seemingly promiscuous and "single but always ready to mingle" best friend and colleague Gail (Jill Scott), Montana followed Graham to his apartment and... as it ends up, she learns that he had a companion, to make it worse, they were expecting a child.
I could hear women within the cinema chattering about  what an "awful liar and player" he is and I was left thinking - Why do people do that to one another?

Oh well, luckily she was still highly motivated and determined to find a husband. "You don't need a man to define you" her friend Gail said, I could again over hear ladies in the cinema behind me humming in agreement: "uhmm you tell her girl!" and "Yes, you don't!". Funny enough about 95% of the women there had their partners sitting next to them. Thinking about it seems ironic, hense their agreement with the statement. I'd bet the men their dating- to some expert play a role in the way they behave, speak and live their lives (It's just an opinionated thought - no hating)

"Personally, I might not fully know what I want in a man, but i certainly do know what I DON'T want, and that is what matters most."

Knowing what you will NOT settle down for helps with knowing what's right and what's not so right about a frielationship. (friendship to relationship)
Not many women hunt for men as bad as Montana did (maybe they do, but in a more discreet kinda way). However I do know that behind closed doors- women are VULTURES.

                      "The magic is not in getting married, it's in staying married" - William Wright

mentioned after talking about his mother and father who were married till dead did them part. Derek Luke (William) sure did know what he was talking about. At this point in time during the movie - I assumed that William and Montana would eventually end up getting married, but pretty little Ms Moore searched else where though the man of her dreams who had been friends with her for 25 years was right under her nose. (Don't we all ladies just always fall into that trap)

Montana sets out to meet Damon Diesel  (played by Trey Songs). They complement each other. All I was hoping for was that Damon would be the one man to sweep her off her feet. But oh - poor girl got her heart torn into pieces, when the "Crazy Lady" Janine (Tia Mowry) lashes out an unbelievable tantrum when she discovers her younger boyfriend Damon was cheating on her - with the lady from the bar (Montana). So, as Janine continues demanding to be let into the apartment - yes HER apartment where she had been staying with Damon, where Damon had invited Montana and were about to get "Frisky". Deamon revieled to Montanna that the Range Rover he was driving - wasn't his. The apartment - wasn't his. The express airticket card - wasn't his. I'm just thinking: "oh boy..." sadly she spent most of the night out side in the rain hiding from the crazy HULK lady breaking everything and looking for her  in the house.

Hear this...she finds her way out, and into a situation where she met both her ex's in the same flight at the same time. Shocking scene isn't it? Well she handled it perfectly well and left with ex number 1. Langson Jr (Taye Diggs) who owned a puppy named Juicy and was running for congress. All i can say right now is: "Juicy...Go pee!"
Sooner than later heard him repeat the saying "Behind every great man,  is a great woman" and he continued "But sometimes to be the greater woman, you have to be quiet - she must follow and he must lead" That just rubbed me up the wrong way for some reason. "I wouldn't want them to think you are leading" Like uhm? Okay, get yourself another puppy! Bad dinner date number something!

She calls her friend of 25 years, William Wright, who sacrifices everything for her, to fetch her in Georgetown Washington DC. The moment he pitched up, I yet again felt the connection between the two.

They drove along and she fell asleep on his chest whilst he was driving, before we know it, A song which they both danced to during their prom night when they were in high school turned up, Remarkably, they both still remembered the moves and it was just the prefect scene. William is a keeper right? Syc! She was having
a dream.

                       The way a woman keeps her kitchen is the way she keeps her man?

Those "wise" words came from her mother. True or false? Because if it is true, I better stop leaving the dishes in the sink for so long before i wash them. (Eeeuw, what does that even mean!)
I usually say a man that doesn't eat sushi or doesn't know how to use chop not worth keeping. (I can barely use chop sticks myself dammit! - But that's not the point - Haha - Anyway.)

As the old tale goes, she meets yet another man, who reveals: "You can never have too much of a good thing" he said. My mother would always say "Too much of a good thing is bad" - and I still believe her.
Junk food topped with lots of candy almost killed me during my teenage years. 

"I'm taking some time off to journey the world. I'd love for you to come with me." That's a line I wish to hear in my lifetime (or maybe say to someone - rather). "If you need marriage, you need to find somebody that needs it too." Best line every I guess.

Lesson number 1: A perfect guy doesn't exist. Don't burden yourself looking for him becasue you will miss out on the very small things infront of you in the interim.
 Lesson number 2: Don't do things you don't want to do simply because you want to make the other person comfortable - yet you're not. (Well in other situations, this could be the best option to opt for, but in case you thinking of settling down, rather choose carefully, than spare the rest of your life living with regret.)

Funny how Montana speaks like she's intoxicated. She had to give an announcement at her sister Tanya (La La) and fiance (Terrance J's) engagement party. She said "Love yourself with or without a husband. If you are really inlove with your man and cannot live a single day without him. By all means get married, but if you are making the deceison of getting married for any other reason, then you are making the worst decision of your life." Luckily little sister Tanya, took her older sisters advice and together with her fiance decided to wait.

Thereafter listening to Montana's mother break down about her first marriage to her late husband and the true love they shared, the entire scene just sent a stream of tears down my cheeks. The music playing in the background had no justice either, the combination (of the music, the words and characters) evoked a great sence of emotion and I cried silently during the scene.

Calling from outside, standing besides his flashy car, hotel owner and successful business mogul Quinton (Djimon Hounsou) calls out for Montana's attention. Montana looks down through the window but realising that William Wright is the man that she actually want to spend the rest of her life with, tells Quinton: "I want more than expensive gifts and extravagant trips. I want a life time. As silly as this may sound...I wont settle for anything less." after a moment of silent and realization, he gently responded: "As silly as this may sound ...I don't think you should."
Oh Romeo and Juliet ain't got nothin' on this! Haha!

Honestly though, there was a scene before that were Montana, Gail and Sam (played by Adam Brody) were together opening gifts from William Wright addressed to Montana, where I was like "Oh hell no - Adam Brody should NOT have been given a gay character!" It was awkwardingly funny and just plain weird.

Then the race to Paris (the most romantic destination for a couple to spend time together at) was on. The running around to get to the airport on time for the flight reminded me of how I personally ran around the airport after landing in Frankfurt, Germany on route to take a flight to Paris and... missed my flight. Sadly there was no William Wright waiting to propose to me at the terminal departure gates - But Montana found her husband.

And they lived happily ever after (We hope.) What a beautiful Movie!

Here is a sneak peak containing the official  trailer for Baggage Claim, a must watch I tell you. Watch and learn ladies (and gentlemen). Enjoy :-)

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