10 things I aspire to live by in 2014

1. Everything is useful.

Making sure that I make the best out of all opportunities that I find Interesting. Be daring and do thing I enjoy doing to avoid having any regrets. 2 things on my agenda, which I have to do at some point, (non-business related) is: Bungee Jumping and Sky Diving, two activities i would make millions of excuses for - because - I'm terrified of heights!

I'm sure my experience there will come in handy and useful in the long run.
Besides that, the more experiences i encounter and challenges i over come; I will have had the ability to transform my way of thinking, doing and living after I decide to retire from University.

2. Creating a balance between passion and public value.

Looking forward to creating a stable balance between my personal passions which includes : interests, hobbies, activities and public value. Revaluation of how my work will positively contribute to the development of others and sustainable public growth.

Shying away from aspects that drain my energy and don't fully enjoy doing. "If you don't enjoy doing it - don't do it!" That's my motto.

3. Set Priorities and focus.

Focus is one of those things which i have always had. Ensuring that I am focused, and give every aspect of my personal and professional development and growth is met with the greater of all efforts. Paying much needed and deserved attention to priorities.

Listening skills have improved in the past 3 years. That is a milestone reached which has to continue being practiced till mastered.

4. Finding my niche.

This is all about finding my niche and different styles to fully major in. Minding what is already there and being innovative, unique and completely original.

5. Only way to make it is by working for it.

Either you will make a living by working for somebody else, or by starting something, and getting somebody to collectively assist you to make it work. I already ow what I enjoy doing and the future I want to have. However, it could all change, interests change and so do hobbies and passions. Which is why one has to have a vision and dream that is their main driver of working harder to accomplish futuristic goals. That's exactly what I'm going to do!

6. Mentorship.

Finding guidance and being mentored is one of the things that will strongly contribute to my development and growth both personally (mentally, physically and spiritually) and professionally. Asking for directions, suggestions and asking relevant questions to get over hurdles by getting assistance from people who have overcome them.

7. Do what you love doing.

Its as simple as that, if I enjoy it... I will do it. If not - I won't.

8. Encouraging others.

This year could be the year of sharing information, adding value to other peoples lives who need it most, inspiration, motivation and helping where I possibly can. Which I have been doing for the past 8 years, however willing to change my approach, focus and level of interest in engaging others

9. There is no 'rest of your life' -- only a best next step.

Hunter Styles would not have said it better. Best way to be on the top of your game is to know what game you're playing, how to play it and whether you playing for a win or just for fun. Feeling stuck? I'll have to get myself out of any challenge I foresee because indeed as @HunterSt7les mentioned: There is no 'rest of your life' --only a best next step.' If you can change it today, why not do it? Than live the rest of your life with regret!

10. Stay abreast of change!

Best thing anyone can ever do for themselves is to stay abreast of change by being informed of what is happening in other regions and around the world. I liaise to read ore newspapers, follow more updates , be informed and make progressing contributions to the development of what ever we are working on.

Article inspired by @HunterSt7les on his Article posted on Huffington Post College, titled: "28 year old's Ten Tips for Life after College"   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hunter-styles/a-28yearolds-ten-tips-for_b_4572933.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003

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