Become a Social Entrepreneur

Be a Social Entrepreneur

"Social entrepreneurs don’t just dive into building their organizations. They create business plans, make connections, and explore new ways of making their ventures excel. Being a social entrepreneur requires a structured business mentality backed by a strong sense of social responsibility. Getting an education will foster those attributes and give you the tools and resources to make a difference in the world."

Not only do  social entrepreneurs are judicious in their business decisions, but they draw their motivation from knowledge of social issues. Therefore  educational opportunities that support both of those traits are rare. Many business degrees don’t focus enough on social justice while many human services degrees don’t give you the quantitative edge required to succeed as an entrepreneur and this is where the Young Social Entrepreneurs Academy comes in, offering programs that are accredited, and valuable that not only focus on leadership but social entrepreneurship and social enterprise development to encourage more young people in South Africa to venture into entrepreneurship by combating socio-economic challenges. 

Become a social entrepreneur by joining the Young Social Entrepreneurs Academy, and join us as we set the pace in moving towards active citizenship.
Programs will soon be updated on the website which is currently under construction and admission requirements will be made available as well.