Career-Orientated Volunteerism

After reviewing a number of graduate opportunities and programmes around the country and particularly focusing on the Gauteng region. Had noticed that the Johannesburg region had invited close to 500 graduates who have participated in the Youth Career Development Programme since 2008 and gave them opportunities in the job market at various departments within the region, giving the young graduates experience in sports and recreation, administration and capital projects amongst a few, which is an overwhelming experience for the graduates and quite a big step for the City of Johannesburg and moving towards an active development plan for the unemployment pandemic in Gauteng.

I certainly was moved by the departments step to motivating the graduates to look way beyond getting employed, though we know that even with a 3 year degree qualification, it is still hard to find employment and where ever you turn to as a graduate (whether a Matric or Tertiary graduate) you are faced with an institution willing to enhance your skills but not offer any source of financial  support which is what the youth really want. The youth want jobs, they want financial security, They go to school so that they are not lingered by poverty, they believe and know that without an education one will not have a prosperous future,  they want to move out of their parents home who initially put them through school to get a qualification with the hope that they will come back home and provide financial assistance to the family so they don’t sink deeper into poverty, the moment that  the graduate comes home without having acquired any experience or opportunity in the job market... it is then a struggle to get into the job market after that.

With that being said the graduates were encouraged to look beyond getting employed  but rather into being multi skilled, and were mentored to considering  volunteerism in order to acquire more experience and to become entreprneurens who would create many jobs for young  people.

Which make me happy because this is the initial step into social entrepreneurship, them working towards the creation of jobs for the youth signifies that they will have identified the problem pertaining to it which is the staggeringly high youth unemployment rate in South Africa, let alone the unemployment rate amongst the youth being the highest in Gauteng, nationally. Identifying a problem, coming up with ideas to deal with it and of the ideas coming up with an innovative solution that will best fix the problem. In that way impact is made through implementation and results are achieved.  All together having identified and addressed the social need, Which leads to an introduction of Project IMPACT!  which is one of the initiatives that aim to tackle pressing challenges through impact at The Young Social Entrepreneurs Academy. The graduates get to experience Project IMPACT which is all about ensuring that tertiary graduates have valuable work experience and skills to secure job opportunities by contributing to the development of their communities, by providing experience for the graduates through intensive skills development training focusing on personal and professional aspects and then allow them to engage in career-orientated volunteerism. Graduates thereafter not only  gain valuable work experience but also contribute to the development of their communities. They learn and enhance their current skills, making them multi-skilled and able to perform various tasks and activities, further more have the potential of starting their own social or business enterprises after the graduate programme.

Community Development’s Executive Director Dudu Maseko shared with graduates at the reception on how volunteerism has opened doors for her. And that’s exactly what Project IMPACT! At The Young Social Entrepreneurs Academy - YSEA exists for...”opening doors of opportunities through career-orientated volunteerism”

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